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Bruce Halliday
Steve Hultay
Tracy Hultay
Laurie Hull

When a researcher accepts your request for a private RTSC session the

researcher will have the option of offering one of two sessions or a

combination of both.

The first step is for the client to supply all pertinent information concerning the
spirit person or persons they wish to communicate with. This information will
basically consist of the spirit persons name, place of residence before passing,
circumstances of death, age. The presiding researcher may need more
information and will ask if necessary.
The session parameters will be set by the researcher as far as question limit
and length of session.
The first session option is referred to as a recorded question session. It is done
by the researcher using the information and questions supplied by the client.
This type of session is not done live with the clients participation. This session is
done solely by the researcher and any and all communication derived from the
session that is deemed pertinent by the researcher will be forwarded to the
client as audio files containing specific questions and any spirit answers or
messages that are relevant to those questions.
The second session option contains basically all the attributes of the recorded
question session, but is done live with the participation of the client during the
session. This can be accomplished in two ways. One way is to initiate a live
internet call using a free internet live calling service named SKYPE. This service
will require the client to have speakers and a microphone attached to their
computer. The program and the service for SKYPE are free and it is a very
reliable and easy way to be involved in the live RTSC/Box session.
As an alternative the researcher may choose to do the session via standard
telephone, in this case all the same parameters apply, the only difference is a
land line telephone as apposed to an internet SKYPE call.
The live session will be recorded and any and all relevant audio files of
questions and answers or responses will be delivered to the client at the
researchers discretion.
RTSC audio files are not always heard exactly the same from one person to
the next and spirit communication is highly interpretive. Please keep this in
mind when reviewing the results of your session.
Any variations of the above session parameters are completely at the
attending researchers discretion and can be adjusted to accommodate a particular