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My name is Steve Hultay. I am the founder and president of Keyport Paranormal. My history and interest in the paranormal started when i was young. I heard, saw and felt things I couldn't explain. My interest led me from experimenting with Ouija boards, dowsing with rods and pendulums to my current research with two-way box communication.
My history with EVP box communication started in early 2007 with a device I was intoduced to called an "EVP Listener". What this device was attempting to do was pick up the same magnetic frequencies as an EMF meter and convert them into audible sounds. The EVP Listener tried to capture a different frequency to listen to other than our own. This didn't seem to be what I was looking for and my search started once again for yet another communication tool for EVP's.
I wanted to try and communicate and help earthbound spirits who may be listening to our side and possibly answer some questions. My sister had sent me an e-mail with a link to a piece of equipment called "Frank's Box". This is the most popular of all of the boxes in the paranormal community today. The schematics were offered to the public, by Frank Sumption, and they are on line for anyone to attempt and build themselves. Realizing that there were only limited production and most were to the same individual, Chris Moon of Haunted Times Magazine, I decided to attend one of his Ghost Hunter Universities to see "Frank's Box" in action. I signed up for a May event at Eastern State Penitentiary, but while I waited my search for an engineer to build this box continued. One of Frank Sumption's websites contained the schematics. I also saw that there was a comment section at the bottom. One of the comments of interest to me was by a man , Joe Cioppi, who is a retired engineer interested in EVP research. I e-mailed Joe and started off a long relationship, which continues today. In earlier e-mails, I asked Joe if he could build a "Frank's box" with the schematics provided. He responded that he was already working on his own breadboard with an FM chip that would work similar to Frank's design. He offered me an opportunity to try it out at cost for parts and a fair price for labor. He produced this box and I was able to pick it up as Joe only lives about an hour from me. I was so excited to pick up the first prototype so that I would be able to bring it to my trip to ESP.
Not knowing how to operate the device, I set out to give it my best try. Prototype #1 turned out to be a flop; I felt the sweep rate was way too slow and picked up several FM radio voices in full before sweeping to the next. I returned it and explained to Joe what I felt I should be hearing. He updated #1 with a new design to sweep at a faster rate.
In the mean time Joe had started on Box #2 with a faster sweep rate. When I picked that one up we sat down in his kitchen for hours and collaborated on different ideas. Box #2 was a success; I started to hear answers to questions that I could not explain. Therefore, I started to record and go over my findings. I did find that there was a lot that I was missing in real time.
From this, I started my own web page, which is now dedicated to box research. I also use this site to post my audio findings. I joined Frank Sumption's ITC-EVP forum on Yahoo in June of 2007 and used that as a springboard to share my findings with others and offer them an alternatives to a very limited supply of "Frank's boxes" out there. The results are based on the raw audio provided by whatever we want to use to achieve it, and not necessarily a radio broadcast, although that has had the best results so far. Frank Sumption listened to my audio files and stated that my files were great and possibly better than a "Frank's box". He offered me a box to test which was FB #13. I continued to use both using what I now call "Joe's Box", named after the designer and also a "Frank's Box". The "Frank's box" was not what I expected and was very noisy because it was not battery operated. It picked up a lot of interference. Not wanting to bother Frank, I shipped it to Joe to make it battery operated. When i picked up the new battery operated FB, I realized that the stations were not coming in very clearly and shipped it back to Frank. Frank said it was unfixable and started to go to work on its replacement, which is now #27. So far the "Joe's Box" is only offered in FM Linear mode, which means it only sweeps up and down the FM band. "Frank's Box" offers AM/FM Random and Linear sweeps and also incorporates an Echo Box or sound chamber to enhance spirit voices. The Random mode runs off a Random Voltage Tuner that picks up radio broadcasts in a manner to which I feel is based off of spirit energy and where they could pull the signal to.
While working with these devices a gentleman came up with a very similar radio that can be purchased at Radio Shack and with only a simple modification can be used to sweep the AM and FM band. I ran to the store and picked mine up and posted results later that day. It is now called the "Radio Shack" hack. The idea had me excited and I successfully set out to modify two other radios to sweep in the same fashion. Now, several people can experience for themselves what myself and others have been doing for a while now.
The box experience is very real and gets better all the time and I am happy to be a contributor in this field. I'm sure there will be more ideas to follow as I test each one and use them in my own way to achieve results and hopefully answer many questions that have been pondered in the paranormal community.


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