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Bruce Halliday
Steve Hultay
Tracy Hultay
Laurie Hull

Let me start by saying that RTSC is the practice of using a device known as a "Box" or "Ghost Box" to facilitate real time, live communication between the researcher and a non physical entity, presumably a spirit entity from the spirit realm as you will. The "Box" is merely a device that enables the reception of radio signals and dices them up into small bits and pieces or fragments of sound which are in turn broadcast through a speaker and thereby utilized by an entity for the purpose of communication and heard live by the researcher as it occurs.
The premise behind box communication is that spirit entities utilize the in coming radio signal that is broken down by a ghost box into small bits by sweeping the dial of the radio band fast enough so that no one word or station of radio broadcast can be heard.
The theory is that the spirit will use whatever bits of radio fragments it needs to form words and sentences. through long research we have come to believe that the communication is formed as the sound leaves the speaker or the headphones respectively. That is what allows us to hear the responses in real time.
Traditional evp  is very simple in theory and only incorporates a recorder and a willing spirit. The theory is that the spirit uses the raw energy in the surrounding area of the recorder to form words and place them directly onto the recording media. I did traditional evp in the field for 8 years and only gleaned about ten quality A+ evp's the rest were static whispers that had to be edited to death just to hear that there was something there.
With RTSC there is some editing to be done but it all revolves around getting rid of the unwanted garbage sounds and leaving only the communication. this process does not alter, add or subtract anything from the communication.
With the boxes I personally am averaging about 25 to 30% hearing real time messages, the rest are heard when reviewing the recording.
the boxes sweep at a fast rate so it takes time to develop a skill for hearing the real time communication but you will immediately start to hear the yes and no type of answers and even your name as the entities attempt to communicate. Do not be discouraged if you do not hear much in real time at the beginning, RTSC is a practiced research and there is a learning and development curve.
Box communication is ideal for both stationary home research and field research. There are a number of various boxes in use today, you can read details on individual boxes on the "Different Boxes" page of this website. It will explain the different models and styles of RTSC communication devices aka
(Boxes) and their unique characteristics.